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High Pointe Physical Therapy – Clarksville, Tennessee -
Expect Great Things

Why Choose High Pointe?

Simply said, we are the best (of course we’re a bit biased so make sure you do your homework). You’re recovery should not be taken lightly and you should not blindly set up an appointment with a provider you have not researched. We encourage patients to visit other clinics in the area and ASK QUESTIONS about your care. Then call us when you’re ready to start!


What to expect at High Pointe…

  • Personal care from a licensed team of therapists ~ you have the option to stay with the same therapist for every visit but we value specialization over our therapists being generalists and we’ll try to match you with the therapist best suited to treat your particular issue
  • A thorough examination in a relaxed atmosphere…we don’t like to feel rushed and we don’t want our patients to feel rushed. We allot 60 minutes for evaluations and we give you the time you need.
  • Hands-on techniques focused on restoring motion and relieving pain. We feel our hands are our best tools…so we use them!
  • Individual attention at every appointment ~ we do not double or triple book our appointments. You are our main focus when you are here.
  • Customized home exercise programs to address your specific needs…if you want a cookie-cutter approach, navigate away from our page now.
  • Ongoing assessment to make sure we are progressing towards the goals you want to accomplish while under our care.
  • Communication not only with you but also with your care provider ~ this is not unique to us, but we think we do a good job.
  • Familiar faces and a family atmosphere ~ we are not a chain and never plan to be…we strive for happy patients and a happy team at all times.  We can’t please everyone, but we come pretty close!