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Frequently Asked Questions


We know you may be reluctant or even scared about coming in for therapy.


We get it – new experiences can be overwhelming. Here are some things to know about your visit at High Pointe Therapy.


Can I receive therapy services without a physician’s referral?

[peekaboo_link name=”1″ start=”hidden”] + Answer [/peekaboo_link][peekaboo_content name=”1″]Yes. The State of Tennessee recognizes our therapists as highly trained, clinical experts in assessing and treating clients effectively without a physician’s referral. We are able to see you for 12 visits or up to 30 days for physical therapy through “direct access.” If your particular problem requires treatment outside our expertise, we’ll help you find a qualified medical professional who can help. If we are billing insurance for our services, occasionally an insurance company will require its members to see a doctor before seeing a therapist. If you think that is the case with your particular insurance provider, we will gladly call your insurance company and find out the details prior to starting treatment.[/peekaboo_content]

If my doctor recommends therapy, do I have a choice in providers?

[peekaboo_link name=”2″ start=”hidden”] + Answer [/peekaboo_link][peekaboo_content name=”2″] Definitely. You have every right to choose your clinic and your therapist. We often see patients who have been told they must see a therapist at their doctor’s office or at the hospital but you always have the right to choose where you go for therapy.[/peekaboo_content]

What should I expect on my first visit?

[peekaboo_link name=”3″ start=”hidden”] + Answer [/peekaboo_link][peekaboo_content name=”3″] A licensed therapist will meet with you to perform a detailed medical history and evaluation lasting 45-60 minutes. Usually, treatment will be started the same day. We will discuss your therapy goals (or your child’s) and you will receive a clear explanation of your condition and treatment plan. Our job is to do everything possible to help you achieve your goals (or your child’s) in the fastest manner possible.[/peekaboo_content]

How long will each follow-up treatment last?

[peekaboo_link name=”4″ start=”hidden”] + Answer [/peekaboo_link][peekaboo_content name=”4″] We can be flexible to fit your schedule. Follow-up sessions generally last 30 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity of your condition and the treatment provided. If you need a shorter session, simply ask your therapist and we will accommodate your schedule as able.[/peekaboo_content]

What should I wear?

[peekaboo_link name=”5″ start=”hidden”] + Answer [/peekaboo_link][peekaboo_content name=”5″] In general, wear loose-fitting comfortable attire to allow for evaluation and movement. Cloth gowns are available for clients with shoulder, neck or back injuries. Clients with hip, knee, ankle, or foot conditions should wear shorts or loose pants to allow proper exposure. We do have a limited amount of shorts in case you forget. Female patients with shoulder dysfunction should wear a tank top or loose short sleeved shirt to allow exposure of the entire shoulder complex.[/peekaboo_content]

Do you offer cash pay rates for therapy services?

[peekaboo_link name=”6″ start=”hidden”] + Answer [/peekaboo_link][peekaboo_content name=”6″] Yes. Cash pay services are the easiest way to access our services quickly without waiting on insurance authorization OR if you have reached your maximum insurance benefit for the year. One-on-one time with our therapists is surprisingly affordable, considering you are not only receiving hands-on treatment to address your issues but also education and training to help you manage long-term. We offer competitive cash pay rates based on the time spent with your therapist. Discounts are available if you or your child are seeing us for multiple disciplines (i.e. speech and occupational therapy). Please call our office for more details.[/peekaboo_content]