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Speech Therapy

Why speech therapy?

Many people take the ability to communicate for granted. Communication skills are essential for forming and maintaining relationships, and for learning. Communication problems can lead to isolation, frustration and even depression. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) work with clients experiencing a communication disorder. This might be speech related, such as being unable to produce speech sounds correctly or smoothly. Or it may involve the voice being overused or hoarse, to the point a listener cannot easily understand what is being said. Language disorders occur when a client has difficulty understanding others (receptive language), or communicating his/her thoughts, ideas and feelings (expressive language). A speech-language pathologist may be able to help you! If you are interested in speech therapy specific to kiddos ages 0-18, check out pediatric speech therapy for more information.


kayla-hart-slp-roomWhy High Pointe?

Simply said, we are the best (of course we’re a bit biased so make sure you do your homework). Your care should not be taken lightly and you should not blindly set up an appointment with a provider you have not researched. We encourage patients to visit other clinics in the area and ASK QUESTIONS about your care. Then call us when you’re ready to start!
What to expect at High Pointe…

  • Personal care from a licensed speech-language pathologist. You have the option to see the same therapist for every visit pending your schedule needs and treatment plan.
  • A thorough examination in a relaxed atmosphere. We don’t like to feel rushed and we don’t want our patients to feel rushed. We allot 60 minutes for your first visit so we can perform a comprehensive evaluation and give you the time needed.
  • Individual attention at every appointment. We do not double or triple book our appointments and treatment is always delivered by licensed, qualified team members. You are our main focus when you are here.
  • Customized treatment programs to address your specific needs. If you want a cookie-cutter approach, navigate away from our page now.
  • Ongoing assessment to make sure you are progressing towards your goals.
  • Communication not only with you but also with your healthcare team. This is not unique to us, but we think we do a good job.
  • Familiar faces and a family atmosphere. We are not a chain – what we do and how we do it cannot be replicated easily, much less in dozens of locations. We strive for happy patients and a happy team at all times. We can’t please everyone, but we come pretty close!


We can help with:

  • Oral motor & feeding issues – trouble chewing or swallowing, picky eaters, drooling, difficulty gaining weight
  • Articulation & phonological processes – difficulty pronouncing words or using incorrect sounds
  • Language delays – difficulty following directions, limited vocabulary, difficulty communicating basic needs
  • Pragmatic delays – lack of eye contact, inappropriate interaction with adults or peers, difficulty expressing emotions, non-responsive to questions
  • Voice therapy – hoarseness, nasal quality to voice, loss of voice after overuse, inability to use vocal communication
  • Reading problems – learning disabilities, reading and spelling under grade level or peers, difficulty hearing the difference in similar words
  • Fluency issues – interruption of the flow of speech (stuttering) or rapid/irregular speech rate


Specialized services we provide at our Clarksville clinic:

  • Feeding therapy – Jessica Cummings, CCC-SLP; Kristin Patton, CCC-SLP
  • SOS Approach to Feeding – Kim Barrett, OTR/L; COMING NOVEMBER 2016 – Jessica Cummings, CCC-SLP; Kristin Patton, CCC-SLP; Kayla Hart, CF-SLP
  • Neonatal Oral Motor Assessment Scale (NOMAS) Licensure – Kristin Patton, CCC-SLP