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High Pointe Physical Therapy – Clarksville, Tennessee -
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They have helped me as a parent of a special needs child…

We have been going to High Pointe now for almost 3 years! PT, OT and Speech downstairs in the Pediatric Clinic. These ladies are so AWESOME! They get so invested in your child they become part of your family. We’ve been to other clinics in town, but have never been treated with such first rate services. I will not take my child anywhere else. High Pointe has the BEST staff! I am so thankful that we found them.
They have helped me as a parent of a special needs child, navigate the ins and outs of teaching my son how to talk and express himself while learning how to overcome and perfect simple daily task. He has blossomed so much since starting at High Pointe. I can’t thank the staff enough for allowing my little man to find his own voice and pace in which he can achieve his best outcome. ♡♡ High Pointe

Kimberly, Mom of a Pediatric Therapy Client