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June 27, 2023

Mom, Physical Therapist, Advocate

I gained another title – advocate. I stood up for what I knew Lola needed. And without having done that, I don’t think she would be where she is today. Surrounding her with the right PT for her was what she needed. She didn’t need me to be her mom or to be her PT, she needed…

June 27, 2023

Take Charge of Your Back: Why Early Physical Therapy Matters

Getting physical therapy early can prevent back pain from getting worse. Physical therapists are experts who know how to help your back heal and get stronger. They will teach you exercises and stretches that will make your back muscles stronger and…

December 15, 2019

Beth is amazing…

Beth is amazing and I love her dearly! ~Sydney H.

November 21, 2019

I wish we could keep coming back to play!

Ellen was amazing! So personal! So kind! Builds excellent rapport with parents. I, the parent, felt appreciated for my efforts to help my child develop. But I bet she does that with everyone. I wish we could keep coming back to play. Love the work you all are doing! Amy W., Parent of a Pediatric…

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November 19, 2019

All their staff is extremely friendly…

All of their staff is extremely friendly and helpful! Amber is very professional and did a great job! Dinah, Physical Therapy Client

November 14, 2019

Morgan was AMAZING!

Morgan was AMAZING! So friendly, professional, and made the whole process enjoyable and easy. Parent of a Speech Therapy Client

November 12, 2019

…progressing within just a few minutes..

Miss Morgan was phenomenal! She took the time to provide tips and tools to facilitate speech at home. She is fantastic with kids and had Connor progressing within just a few minutes of working with him! Thank you. Rebecca W., Parent of a Speech Therapy Client

November 12, 2019

I could not be more pleased…

I could not be more pleased with Ms. Ellen. She was very knowledgeable, personable, and fantastic with kids. I am so confident that my daughter’s rehab will go exceptionally well under her care. Thanks! Rebecca W., Parent of a Physical Therapy Client

November 8, 2019

She took the time to explain…

Tiffany was exceptional in her evaluation of my son. She took the time to explain our hearing test results and what that would mean for us. She laid out clear plans and I cannot wait to see what we accomplish moving forward. Parent of a Speech Therapy Client

November 7, 2019

Wonderful, thoughtful, and professional…

Wonderful, thoughtful, and professional in every step of the therapy process. Highly recommend and I had GREAT progress. Shirley A., Physical Therapy Client