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The BOD POD is Coming to High Pointe!

It’s time to find out what you’re made of…literally.  The BOD POD is coming to Clarksville and will be at High Pointe Physical Therapy February 17th – 19th.  If you’ve recently started a new diet or fitness regime, now is the perfect time to get some baseline body composition measurements!  If you’ve been active and want more information than the scale can offer, now is your chance.  Testing is quick, accurate and affordable.  Click on the link below to schedule your session – everyone is welcome so spread the word!

Schedule a BOD POD appointment!

Who:  Anyone wanting accurate information about their body fat vs. lean body mass.
What:  BOD POD scan takes ~10 min.
When:  February 17th-19th (Mon – Wed) from 9 am – 5 pm
Where:  High Pointe @ 2319 Rudolphtown Rd (across from Richview Middle School)
Why:  Fat loss, not weight loss, has been shown to extend life expectancy.  Skinfold or bioelectric  impedance measures (hand held devices or scales) have error factors up to +/-8%…the BOD POD has an error rate less than 2%.  Find out your numbers and understand what they mean!


  • 1 scan = $25
  • 2 scans = $40
  • Unlimited scans for 1 year = $65

You can schedule and pay online via the link above.  If you are wanting to purchase more than one scan, schedule your appointment above but wait and pay when you come in for your scan – credit, debit and cash are accepted.  We plan to have the BOD POD onsite at regular intervals throughout the year.

Approved clothing for MEN:  Form-fitting Speedo© or Lycra©/spandex-type swimsuit OR single-layer compression shorts (without padding)

Approved clothing for WOMEN:  Form-fitting Speedo© or Lycra©/spandex-type swimsuit OR single-layer compression shorts and jog bra (without padding or wires)


  • Do not exercise within two hours prior to testing.
  • Do not eat or drink just before testing.
  • Use the restroom, (if necessary) before testing.